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Apple will replace aluminum in their devices titanium alloy

Apple engineers found a replacement for the aluminium for future devices of the company. New generation products with Apple on the case will be dressed in split-housings made of titanium. Manufacturer of iPhone and Mac describes the technology of production of solid shell in the new patent.

Apple is considering the possibility of replacing aluminum, which is traditionally made of the case of computers and mobile devices, with more durable metal. According to the patent application, to create the outer parts of future smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart hours will be used titanium or titanium alloy. It is superior to aluminium for a number of technical indicators.

In the document Apple engineers describe the technology of processing and anodizing of metal components by means of vacuum deposition particles. The main advantage of titanium over aluminum is high strength and low weight that allows you to make electronics easier without compromising its durability.

The main obstacle in the way Apple engineers that wish to adopt a titanium case, remains the higher cost of production.

Titanium can be used in the production of MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other gadgets. If the company does decide to use the new material in their gadgets, their cost may increase, because the titanium is expensive and energy consuming.

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