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Apple will remove apps that use services for software updates bypassing the App Store

Apple has tightened requirements for iPhone developers and iPad. Now programs that use services to download updates to bypass the App Store, will not be admitted to the official catalogue.

In the newsletter, Apple has informed developers that they need to remove from application code “hot code push”. Similar SDKs allow you to change the functionality of the programs after they have been moderated App Store.

“Your app, extension, and/or associated framework contains code intended to modify the functionality or features of the application after verification by the moderators of the App Store that violates paragraph 3.3.2 of the agreement Apple Developer Program License Agreement and paragraph 2.5.2 manual App Store Review Guideline.

Code associated with the third resource, allows you to implement significant changes to the functionality of your app in comparison with what was at the time of verification in the App Store,” reads the newsletter from Apple.

On the Apple developers have reported that received a warning from the company. In the newsletter they say that the code needs to be removed from the application, otherwise the application will be removed from the App Store.

The developers suggested that the problem lies in the use of services like Rollout, which allow you to update the software to iOS after it passed moderation in the App Store.

It is surprising that the developers could use such services all the time for a long time, considering the limitations Apple. The new requirement is unlikely to be a surprise for developers, but how will it affect the applications is unclear.

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