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Apple will release the iPad smart cover with wireless charging for iPhone

Apple is a frequent client of the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA. The other day in the database of this organization again revealed the application from Cupertino. It describes not an ordinary modification of the accessory for the iPhone that supports wireless charging.

For anybody not a secret that “smart” watch Apple Watch were in this respect more innovative than the iPhone, having the first induction charging. Apparently, this technology is not alien to Cupertino. In a patent application entitled “Methods and devices for inductive energy transfer” describes the company brand case for iPhone, which is equipped with an induction coil for wireless charging.

As conceived by Apple, putting an iPhone in a protective cover and putting the device on a small plastic panel, the user will be able to charge the phone battery using the cradle, eliminating the need every time to plug and unplug cables. Such charging of the surface gradually appear in public places and used automobile concerns.

Of course, a patent does not mean that the invention necessarily be implemented as a commercial product. In recent years Apple has managed to offer several options for expanding the functionality of the protective covers. However, in favor of the fact that it will happen says the number is not typical for the company’s products that have recently appeared in the assortment of Apple, in particular the “hump-back” case for iPhone with battery and covers keyboard for iPad Pro. We can assume that the Smart Cover with support for wireless charging has the potential for success with the users.

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IPhone owners who now wish to join a “life without wires” you should pay attention to the case Latitude. Its unique property is that it is the universal wireless charger as it supports the PMA standard, Qi standard.

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