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Apple will release the adapter with the fingerprint scanner for the new iPhone 8

Although before the release of iPhone 8, which is expected to be radically different from the current flagship of Apple, a lot of time on the Internet there is heated discussion of its features and design. So, people are interested in whether the screen of the new iPhone have a curved or remain flat. Also curious where you will put the fingerprint scanner.

This week analysts at Pacific Crest Securities said Apple may be forced to deny 8 iPhone scanner Touch ID, if you can not solve the problems of integration of the sensor into the screen in the near future. Thomas Ricker of The Verge says that Apple can not pass the “beaten track” and offer customers Lightning adapter to use Touch ID with the new smartphone.

According to rumors, Apple may not resolve the problems that have arisen when placing the fingerprint Touch ID sensor under the surface of the smartphone display covers the entire front panel. It is possible that the company may waive the signature of the scanner Touch ID in favor of the scanners, face and iris.

Samsung also experimented with the built-in display, fingerprint scanner for Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Initially, it needs to be embedded in the display of smartphones and the development of technology was engaged in Synaptics. Last year Samsung spent a lot of money, but in the end, Synaptics is still not met the deadline, and Koreans had to return to the traditional design of the device has a fingerprint sensor. In haste, the engineers and designers at Samsung have made ergonomic blunder: the scanner is located on the side of the rear camera fingerprint scanner, which coterminous with the lens runs the risk of being permanently stained.

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Now in a similar situation is Apple. If the company will be able to implement dactyloscopy in the display of the iPhone 8, it will be the first to apply this technology in mass smartphones. Otherwise, the company will be forced to go the way of Samsung or solve the problem “the usual way”, says Ricker.

“There are serious doubts that Apple will manage to find an elegant solution to the problem with the fingerprint scanner. Some sources believe that Apple may opt-out of the biometric module from the premium iPhone in favor of recognition and a retinal scanner. In this case, the smartphone will not support Apple Pay through Touch ID. I wonder if Apple will release an adapter with the fingerprint scanner for the new iPhone”.

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