Apple will release Apple Glass in the style of Steve Jobs glasses

Front Page Tech’s YouTube channel author Jon Prosser continues to share information about Apple’s new products. The other day, he declassified smart glasses Apple, listing their main features and voicing their value. And now he said that Apple will release a limited version of Apple Glass, which looks like the legendary round glasses of Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs).

Apple will release Apple Glass in the style of Steve Jobs glasses

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According to Prosser, Apple is working on a limited version of the glasses called Apple Glass Steve Jobs Heritage Edition. It doesn't just look like a tribute to the founder of Apple, but it’s also a great marketing ploy. Something similar was already with the gold version of the Apple Watch for 10 thousand dollars.

The blogger noted that Apple Glass smart glasses will be presented in various styles, and the Steve Jobs Heritage Edition version will be positioned as a limited collection. True, he does not know what material glasses will be made in the style of Steve Jobs and how much they will cost.

Prosser also said that he saw a prototype of the regular version of Apple Glass. They look damn stylish and look like a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers or glasses worn by current Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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