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Apple will pay a fine of half a billion dollars

Two years ago the court ordered Apple to pay $533 million to Smartflash, the company for patent infringement. In the course of further litigation, the company from Cupertino managed to defend his innocence. This week, the Federal U.S. court of appeals overturned the jury’s decision, according to which Apple had to pay a fine for patent infringement.

In February 2015, the company Smartflash won a trial on the violation of Apple’s patents when developing software for iTunes. The plaintiff demanded $852 million in compensation, but the court reduced the amount of the payment.

At the beginning of July 2015 district judge Rodney Gilstrap for Apple canceled a major penalty, arguing that the jury was probably misled by the advice on how to properly determine the size of payments. At the same time, the judge agreed that the jury made the legally correct decision in agreeing that Apple is guilty of infringement.

In July 2015, Apple appealed to the U.S. court of appeals with a request to stop court proceedings on patent litigation, but was refused. The new appeal of the company were satisfied, making the iPhone and iPad maker released itself from the payment of half a billion dollars.

Apple found not guilty, explaining that Smartflash’s patents are too abstract and do not have a clear description to guarantee their protection in court.

Company Smartflash was founded in 2000 by engineer Patrick rat. He received several patents relating to the storage of various data (music, videos and so on) and access them using electronic payment systems. Rat failed to commercialize their innovations in any way, so the usual Smartflash is a patent Troll.

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