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Apple will open in Japan’s largest Center of research and development

Apple is going to open in Japan, Asia’s largest complex of research and development work. On Monday was announced by the Japanese resource Mac Otakara.

First information about the Japanese R&D center Apple appeared at the end of 2014, then it was assumed that it will be launched in the spring of 2015. Then it was announced the opening date for 2016, but in the end, construction was delayed to 2017. According to recent reports, the center will begin its work in March of this year.

Details about the new project of the California giant is not given. According to some specialists the new research center will be engaged in promising technologies in the field of electronics. The building has a total area of 25 000 sq. m. will appear in Yokohama is the largest port city, the administrative center of Kanagawa Prefecture, and will act as a centre of research “in the field of materials, transport and health.”

R&D center will be fully provided from renewable energy sources, and the roof of the building is covered with plants. “Green” roof will have an insulating effect, helping to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the premises in winter and cooling in summer.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, speaking to citizens of the Prefecture with the pre-election campaign speech, said that the local center of research and development, Apple will not yield to the largest accounting departments within the company, which already opened in Asia.

In Cupertino, on this occasion said: “We are pleased to expand our activities in Japan by forming a new technical development center in Yokohama which will create many jobs.”

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The authorities of the Country of the rising sun believe that such a move by Apple promises new advantageous perspectives for the country and may force other companies to do the same.

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