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Apple will open Apple Maps for Windows and Android

Apple, almost three years ago abandoned Google Maps in iOS 6, replacing them with her, plans to launch a web version of maps that allow you to access them through any browser. As reported by informed sources, the online version of Apple Maps plan to launch before the end of the year.

Apple Maps since the launch in 2012 operate in the format of applications for iOS and OS X. last year it became available for the Find My Phone service in that helps to locate a missing iPhone and iPad.

In 2012, we will remind, the Google Maps app was “expelled” from iOS 6. Also “six” lost YouTube. The new program, however, received a barrage of criticism from users who were unhappy that step-by-step navigation is not working properly, and is often shown on maps incorrect names. It is believed that because of the scandal with Apple Maps was sacked a top Manager of the company’s Scott Forstall, who was responsible for the development of iOS. Apple CEO Tim cook personally apologized for flaws in the app, and since then the company continues to improve it.

Apparently, Apple believes their own maps modified in order to open them for users on other platforms. This week the team cards posted vacancy, applicants which will be to design, develop and maintain maps on the Internet”. Now link “” redirects users to a page with a description of the map service Apple.

Suppliers of cards in are TomTom and dozens of other partners Apple. The company until recently used Google Maps on its website, stating the location of the Apple retail stores. In the end, the company replaced them on their own.

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Among the unique advantages of branded Apple maps can be called the view mode to 3D-panoramas Flyover with the feature of virtual tours in the cities of the world. However, the function is not available in all localities.

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