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Apple will not use Chinese AMOLED displays for the iPhone 8 because of the technological gap

Because of the technological gap with Samsung Display to Chinese manufacturers of AMOLED displays in the next few years will be difficult to receive orders from Apple. About it writes the edition Dailycomm. However, AMOLED panels from China will be in demand among local manufacturers of smartphones.

Chinese companies are developing AMOLED technology and build new production lines. According to the forecast of experts, in 2020 the vendors from China will jointly produce more than 50% of the same total score have Samsung Display and LG Display.

Now the companies from China is two main problems: increasing the resolution of panels and the use of a plastic substrate. While that Samsung Display is significantly superior to the Chinese manufacturers in both directions. According to estimates by Digitimes Research, the average lag from the South Korean rival is 3-5 years. For example, the company EverDispaly Optronics, located in Shanghai, this year should reach the level that was observed at Samsung Display in 2014.

It is also noted that the AMOLED panel with Full HD resolution are now able to produce only two companies from China – EverDisplay and Truly Opto-Electronics. Perhaps three Govisionox Optoelectronics Kunshan, BOE Technology and Tianma Micro-electronic – will be able to establish their production in the period from late 2017 to mid 2018. As for AMOLED panels with polyamide-based that Samsung Display released in 2014, the Chinese vendors will launch their serial production not earlier than in 2018.

It should be added that IHS analysts reported on the success of Chinese manufacturers of AMOLED panels. In the third quarter of 2016, companies from China EverDisplay Optronics (EDO), Tianma Micro-electronics and Optoelectronics Govisionox in the amount delivered of 1.4 million smartphone AMOLED screens. Quarterly figure in more than 1 million units from Chinese vendors registered for the first time and talks about their significant progress in terms of production technology, said the experts.

While the contribution of China in the world market of AMOLED displays for smartphones too small compared to Samsung Display, which in July-September 2016 put 99.7 million of such panels. However, analysts believe that Chinese manufacturers play an important role as a second or third source it products for major mobile brands from China.

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