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Apple will launch Apple Pay in Russia next week

Employees of several Russian banks and retailers are testing payment service Apple Pay. This is reported on Friday, “Vedomosti”. The launch of the service is likely to take place next week.

That the employees of banks and retailers for several weeks, testing Apple Pay, workers told of several partners of the American Corporation in Russia. Among those who managed to use the application, the staff of the Bank, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, Russian standard” retailers “Dixie” and “Victoria” and “M. video”. According to one of the people who participated in the testing, the application works without a glitch, exactly the same way as a Bank card, and yet it was somewhat surprising the cashiers in stores. According to another, crashes during testing still was, but to commercial launch it.

The launch of Apple Pay in Russia, according to two interlocutors, could take place next week. According to them, it will be held in early October, possible partners – Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, “Yandex.Money”, “Tinkoff” Bank, “Opening”, “VTB 24”.

On Thursday, the Russian earned a similar service from a competitor of Apple – Samsung Pay. At the initial stage partners Samsung steel Pay MasterCard and six Russian banks – Alfa Bank, “VTB 24”, “MTS Bank, Raiffeisenbank, “Russian standard” and “Yandex”.

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay allows to pay for purchases and orders via smartphones, as if it was a Bank card with PayPass or PayWave function: a card linked to a smartphone, and then all payments will be made use it – you just bring the smartphone to the reader at the checkout. Apple Pay works with all models of Apple smartphones since iPhone 5, Samsung Pay smartphones lines S6 and Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 and Note .

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On the first day with Samsung Pay his clients, there were several dozen transactions, says the employee of one of banks. Approximately the same number called and the employee of the other.

A representative of Apple’s neither the test applications nor the date of launch of the service has not commented. Previously, Apple announced that the launch in Russia of its payment service will happen before the end of the year.

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