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Apple will integrate streaming video, all types of subscriptions and iCloud storage

The Information published a report according to which Apple plans major unification of its services into one platform.

The publication cites two independent associated with Apple source, who argue that the Corporation is busy developing a common application to manage all subscriptions. In it, users will be able to find and music services, and articles in magazines, and streaming video.

The project seems a bit similar to the Amazon Prime Service, however it has unique features. Apple seeks to cover all areas of entertainment and media space.

If successful, the project will bring the company an additional source of profit and will reduce the dependence on smartphone sales.

Most likely, the service will develop in stages. The first step will be the emergence of applications that combine Apple News and subscribe to electronic versions of journals. Then it will join Apple Music, showing an impressive growth of subscribers, and the service of streaming video. Exactly when this will happen is still unknown.

Such actions will help the Corporation to differentiate from the nearest competitors in the media space, such as Netflix and Amazon. Perhaps users will be able to store data obtained by the subscription to iCloud.

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