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Apple will increase the price of the iPhone, iPad and Mac in Russia after the New year

Apple plans to revise prices for products in Russia after the New year, informed sources in the company. Increase, depending on device, ranges from 5% to 15%.

The American giant computer electronics have significantly raised prices in September, immediately after the presentation of new devices, particularly smartphones iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and soon again will rewrite the price tags amid falling ruble.

The rate of the Russian currency continues to decline against the background of depreciation of oil, which has led to a situation when in Russia the cost of flagship smartphones was lower than in Europe. The current situation will not remain for a long time — we are waiting for the price spike, what the producers said back in the summer, and Apple has already begun to adapt to the new market realities.

In early December, Apple revised the price tags on the Apple Watch. Smart watch Sport are now 29 and 33 990 990 rubles for the version with 38 – and 42-mm case, respectively, which is 2,000 rubles more than previously. The cost of steel modifications Apple Watch ranges from 48 to 95 990 990 roubles the increase amounted to 5 000. The collection is Apple Watch Edition estimated at 1-1,55 million rubles, i.e. the growth of prices amounted to 280 000 rubles. In previous times the cost of Apple Watch in Russia grew in the first half of September 2015.

Apple adjusts the prices on international markets depending on currency exchange rates. Now oil is trading around $37,9 per barrel, and earlier in the week oil prices fell to the lowest level since 2004 – $36,2 per barrel. The fall in oil prices has led to a significant weakening of the ruble: the dollar is now worth about 70.7 per ruble and Euro – ruble 77.5. Earlier in the week the dollar rose above 71 rubles. A year ago, responding to exchange rate changes, Apple has also increased the prices of their products.

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A price review is made not only to Apple, although for a reduction of their gadgets in the conversion of rubles into dollars and euros in Cupertino react faster than others. In particular, in the “Connected” does not exclude that “in a few weeks the prices of a number of gadgets can grow”. “What will be the price tomorrow, always known only tomorrow,” did not want to give a forecast of the Executive Vice-President of “Euroset” Victor Lukanin. According to him, “Euroset” is going to keep the prices down, “even if they have to drop the market.” “We can’t rule out the price increase in case of further weakening of the ruble, although we will do in conjunction with suppliers, to prevent this, or to maximize a smooth, gradual process of rising prices,” – said in “M. Video”.

The first developer, which announced the increase of prices in Russia since the New year, Microsoft: from 1 January 2016.

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