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Apple will hold in Japan new year lottery “fukubukuro”

In the first days of the new year in Japan is a popular fun called “fukubukuro” or “bag of happiness”, a tradition which dates back to the late Meiji era. For residents of the Country of the rising sun is not only a holiday but also a Day of great shopping for a fixed price people can buy “lucky bag” with different products. On this occasion, Apple announced a special event which will take place on 2 January.

If the U.S. and Russia sales day “Black Friday”, Japan – “fukubukuro”. On the first day of the year at 4-5 am eager crowd freebies the Japanese rush to the stores. There are carefully sealed packages of thick bright paper cost from Sena to mana. What’s in the bag – no one knows. Bags can feel, smell, touch weight, but the mystery will remain a mystery. Usually things in the package cost two times more than the cost of “fukubukuro”.

Last year’s “fukubukuro” at Apple stores cost of 36,000 yen (about 18 700 rubles) and included various gifts. In the “bags of happiness” was an Apple TV, PowerBeats 2 wireless headphones, a backpack Incase Icon Slim backpack and external battery Mophie Powerstation Battery Juice Pack. For some buyers, the catch has been even more successful. In addition to the standard set they found the 11-inch MacBook Air and the case and adapter Twelve South PlugBug laptop.

The bags also two or iPad mini 3, the 16-Gigabyte iPad Air 2 and wireless speakers Logitech UE Boom. In other was the iPod touch with 16GB of memory and iTunes card worth 400 dollars. In the end, the value of the goods is several times higher than paid for a surprise amount.

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In 2015 the Japanese Apple fans risked their lives for the sake of participating in the lottery. After the Network has spread a rumour that the bags are MacBook Air and iPad, has raised a stir and the company’s retail stores lined up in long lines. Users are not scared off falling temperature: in the evening it was minus 2 degrees, but then dropped to minus 9 and snowing. The ability to save collected huge queues and the afflicted were in no hurry to leave. Apple employees even fed the protesters hot corn soup. The result is casualties trapped in there was no queue.

Strategic operation can be called for the simple reason that, on the first day of sales, many well-known stores do the most impressive revenues for the full year. For most ordinary Japanese “fukubukuro” is part of the Christmas cheer that is associated with the cheerful expectation of something good and unexpected.

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