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Apple will have another campus in Silicon valley on 3000 employees [photo]

As you know, Apple is building in Cupertino, a new headquarters on the vast territory of 2.8 million square meters. However, this “Apple” of the Corporation was little, and it was decided to buy the place for the building of the campus with a total area of approximately 71,000 square meters.

The Apple acquisition is in the town of Sunnyvale in the Silicon valley area. Prior to construction of the headquarters in the form of a flying saucer at hand, just 10 kilometers away.

Information on the purchase of land only appeared today. Her terms were not disclosed, however, there is evidence that there was a concluded contract of lease and not of sale. Details about the timing of the erection of the new building are missing.

Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that the next Apple will not resemble a space ship. On the contrary, he will look not only elegant, but also simple. The construction of the building, called Central & Wolfe Campus, the company is engaged Landbank Investments LLC.

It is expected that the building, along with adjacent territory will be able to accommodate about 3 000 employees Apple. The shape of the building will resemble three interconnected rings. On the roof of the building will be located in the garden, and in the center there will also be a landscaped courtyard.

Apparently, Apple is on a hill, if the command Tim cook allows you to live large. Previously, the Corporation has already acquired two plots of land. One of them is with an area of 43 acres – located in San Jose and cost the company $138 million. the Second is almost twice less – on 27 acres, but the price was much higher – $168,5 million.

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It appears that such purchases are future-proofed. It is possible that there will be plants at the facilities which will operate the line for the production of the Apple Car.

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