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Apple will fix the bug with the screen of the iPhone X in the next update

10.11.2017 0 Comments

Last week, some iPhone users X have started to complain on their smartphones. According to reports, screen, anniversary iPhone does not work at temperatures close to 0 °C.


Apple will fix the bug with the screen of the iPhone X in the next update

Apple has stated that the source of the problem identified. IPhone screen X for a while becomes impervious to the touch of the user after the sharp drop in temperature. Apple has reported that iOS devices are recommended for use in temperatures from 0 to 35 °C.


It seems that the problem occurs at a temperature slightly above 0 °C . The screen begins to respond again after a few seconds. It’s more like a nuisance than a persistent problem, but the iPhone shouldn’t work.

An Apple representative said that this issue is not a hardware error and will be fixed in the next iOS update.

Yesterday the company released iTunes 11.1.1. In the update, Apple has also decided the issues where it was impossible to print the letter “i” and activate Siri voice. iOS 11.2 is still in beta testing. The official release will take place by the end of this year.


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