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Apple will equip the iPhone and iPad displays with a refresh rate above 60 Hz

New model of Apple mobile devices will be equipped with displays with a refresh rate over 60 Hz. Wrote about this in his Twitter account the famous developer Steve Tronton Smith.

“I’m more than sure that the update frequency of the displays in iOS devices this year will be higher than 60 Hz”, – wrote the developer. In support, he cited the screenshots of lines of code of the new operating system iOS 10.3.

Still possible screens in the iPhone and iPad were limited to interlaced 60 Hz. This increase will provide greater clarity and smoothness of the image. To increase the accuracy Apple Pencil by reducing the delays that occur when drawing on the screen.

In fact to a qualitatively new level will be released, all aspects of interaction with the “Apple” gadgets, from camera use and video playback to entertainment apps and the user interface.

It is expected that the first device equipped with a display with a refresh rate above 60 Hz will be the brand-new frameless 10.5-inch iPad, rumors of which go from the end of last year.

Apple intends to release a 10.5-inch version of the tablet because devices with large screens are popular in the USA among corporate users and in education. However, the 9.7-inch version of the iPad small, and the 12.9-daymay iPad Pro is too expensive for such consumers.

The 10.5-inch iPad will get the A10X processor with 64-bit architecture. In the future, new displays having a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz can appear in the iPhone.

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