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Apple will completely encrypt calls and messages on iPhone

Apple announced that its devices will now use the principle endpoint encryption — in particular, the new messenger, iMessage, as well as for voice calls. Data will be zashifrovat on the device, transmitting information, and decrypted directly by the receiving device.

“Security and privacy is at the core of hardware and software, and all Apple services. In applications iMessage and FaceTime technology is used trunk encryption to protect your data — they are not available for both Apple and all the rest”, – told in the Apple.

Although components such as Siri, Maps and news, communicate with Apple servers, the manufacturer assures that this data is not used to create user profile. The company stressed that some services send data to servers, but these data are never used to collect information about the user, and the app “Photo” is implemented local facial recognition technology, objects and places.

In the new operating system iOS and macOS 10 Sierra Apple begins to apply the technology of Differential Privacy. It helps to identify common concepts among a large number of users without threats to their privacy.

In iOS 10 Differential Privacy technology will improve the QuickType suggestions, emoticons, options for external references in Spotlight and tips in the Notes. In Sierra macOS it will help to improve auto-correction suggestions and tips in the Notes.

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