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Apple will completely abandon support for 32-bit applications in iOS 11

In iOS 11 will disappear support for 32-bit applications, writes on Monday, the developer Stephen Trenton Smith. According to him, Apple plans to completely drop support for the obsolete architecture on their devices.

Gradually, Apple is preparing users and developers to the disappearance of the 32-bit. With the release of iOS 10.1, iPhone and iPad users began to see a warning indicating that their device can start slower. In iOS 10.2.1 Apple went on to explain that the Creator of this app needs to update it, ensuring the best compatibility with the OS. Finally, iOS 10.3 openly declares that the application will not work with its future versions.

As told Trenton Smith “very likely” that future processors Apple A11 just will not support 32-bit applications that will improve performance and free up space on your devices for users and developers.

According to analysts, with the release of iOS 11 about 187, 000 programs to lose relevance. Approximately 8% of the total content of the App store. Will cease to exist some games which are not updated for years but still have loyal fans.

In a number of applications that can not work with iOS 11, get some recognised hits the App Store, which still remained loyal fans. One of them will enter the application Ocarina that turns iPhone into a vintage musical instrument, and a Great Lightsaber, which allows you to use a device laser sword from “Star wars”.

Mainly affected various indie games, many of which do not receive updates because their creators are busy with other projects. Make the necessary changes in one game easy, it takes only a few days. However, some developers have a lot of legacy products. According to the experts, studios unprofitable to distract from current Affairs to outdated projects just to bring happiness to the fans.

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Apple had previously removed the obsolete and faulty app from the store. But their average number from the beginning of 2016 does not exceed 14 000 per month. However, in the summer of 2016, the company has established a critical period for the updates, after which she was going to take drastic measures. During a major cleaning in October last year, was removed about 47 300 applications.

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