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Apple will close for Android users free access to Apple Music

The Apple Music app will be released on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Apple TV. However, on Android, as it became known, the free version of the app (c limited functionality) will not.

Free version Apple Music, envisioning your Apple ID account, the user opens the access to the pages of musicians in Connect, listen Beats 1 and Apple Music radio stations (with the option to skip six tracks). In order to get full access to the service, the user will have to subscribe to it for $9.99. For Android users will be available to paid services.

Apple Music earns 30 June. Apple is one of the last launches music streaming service. The company is doing this against the backdrop of the growing popularity of streaming services like Spotify. Before, the company only sold music through the iTunes store. However, sales of music albums and individual tracks are steadily falling.

Apple relies on the convenience of the interface and special generated manually the selection of music. Whereas, for example, Google encourages users to music automatically and does not always do it well.

Russian users have long adopted a streaming – first of all thanks to the social networks like “Facebook”, says managing Director Zvooq Mikhail Ilyichev. According to him, to get serious market share in Russia Apple will be able to if its music service will grab the Android audience. However, users “phones” don’t like to pay for content: Zvooq 6% of active iOS users pay for the service on their Android halved, he said.

On the Apple TV and Android Apple Music will appear this fall. For other platforms, the service starts on the last day of June with the release of iOS 8.4 and updated iTunes.

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