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Apple will announce the results of the year 31 January

On the last day of the month, 31 January, Apple will report financial results for the fourth quarter of 2016 (the first fiscal quarter of 2017). This is stated on the website of the company.

According to analysts, Apple will boast record sales of iPhone in this period. Sales of “Apple” smartphones in the fourth quarter may reach 70 million units. If fulfilled optimistic forecast, the implementation of smartphones will decline by 5-10% compared to last year.

Analysts do not expect Apple’s record iPhone sales. Smartphones bring the Corporation around two thirds of revenue and most of the profits, so they are always the center of attention when publishing financial performance of the company. According to experts, the iPhone maker is experiencing a sales slump due to increased competition from Chinese manufacturers increase lifecycle of gadgets and the overall falling demand in the mobile market.

Some analysts predict a decrease in supply of iPad in the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to a year ago — despite the festive period. Previous quarters of last year, iPad sales of the company declined.

In the previous quarter, total income of the company amounted to $46.9 billion, while revenues reached $9 billion, According to official figures, Apple has sold 45.5 million smartphones iPhone, vs 48,05 million a year earlier (-13%). Sales of the iPad accounted for 9.3 million versus 9.8 million in the past year, Mac – 4.8 million 5.71 million against the previous year (-17%). Apple’s net profit in the fourth finkvartal 2016 reached $9 billion, or us $1.67 per share.

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After the announcement of financial results Apple executives will answer questions from the audience. The company will carry out the audio of the event on its web site.

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