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Apple will also introduce augmented reality technology in iPhone 8, and then release the “smart” glasses

Apple CEO Tim cook has previously made public statements about the fact that given the choice between augmented and virtual reality company will prefer the first because it has much higher market potential. According to the publication Bloomberg, “Apple” giant has formed a team of several hundred professionals in different fields who will work on the devices and augmented reality technologies.

Apple have repeatedly stated their interest in AR technology, but we also heard various rumors about how the design will appear on the market. The interlocutor of the edition told that within the company formed a large team of hundreds of professionals who work on this technology. Attracted by not only the staff, had a hand in the Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens, but also experts from the visual effects of the film industry.

The first fruits of the efforts of Apple will be able to see the owners of the smartphone iPhone 8, camera which will be able to effectively work with the back of the stage to highlight specific objects and apply virtual effects to portrait of a man. In addition, the camera will highlight the object in the picture and then edit it, for example, to rotate at a certain angle.

In the future, Apple plans to create “smart” augmented reality glasses that interface to the iPhone via the wireless interface broadcast photos, videos and other information. According to some reports, the company is working on this project together with Carl Zeiss.

Last year Tim cook said that Apple has high hopes for the direction of augmented reality, investing in it heavily. However, the launch of smart glasses is a distant prospect, and no one can guarantee that the cupertinos will not give up this idea.

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