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Apple will allow you to hide the screen from prying eyes

Apple is developing technology that will allow users to adjust the viewing angle of the screen of their iPhone, iPad or Mac

The new technology will allow you to limit the circle of persons who see what shows on the screen of the user device. The application of the company for a patent entitled “Screen with tuning the angles” was registered by Apple in June 2016, but presented to a wide audience only this Thursday. The patent describes the use of special filters built into the screen, is able to selectively polarize a separate section under the guidance of the user, while maintaining colour and brightness of the picture.

Narrow viewing angle of the screen is a key advantage of the new technologies. Now there are ways to adjust such settings, but their disadvantage lies in the need for additional hardware connected to the device, and also in reduction of quality of the final image.

Apple does not restrict the use of new technology exclusively for iOS and macOS devices. In the future, the innovation will be applied to all devices with any type of screen, whether it’s watches or other gadgets.

The patent on the viewing angle is not the only thing introduced by Apple in recent times and relevant to the improvement of the screen. The company also disclosed information about a patent application related to the attempt to integrate OLED and QLED displays

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