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Apple will actively use the 3D Touch in the next generation of Apple Maps

The 3D Touch display is the most discussed feature of the new iPhone 6s. The technique measures the force pressing the screen, which allowed to add in your software new previously inaccessible. Judging from a new patent application Apple, in front of the 3D Touch has a great future. In particular, the company plans to use it to expand the capabilities of the map service.

The essence of the new patent is that through the sensor, recognizes the force of the taps, let the management map service to a new level. So, the documentation describes various methods of direct interaction with the natural landscape. Users on their own will be able to simulate ripples in the water, touching with little effort. And stronger pressing can cause real waves. In addition, the patent describes the implementation of 3D animation, when the sheen of water reflected in the Windows of the nearby buildings.

At the moment it is unknown when the development will be implemented and will be available in Apple Maps. However, the patent testifies to the active work of the Apple above the cards of the new generation.

In 2012, abandoning Google navigation, Apple has presented its own vision of the map service. A unique feature was the view of urban landscapes Flyover. Earlier this year Apple added in-app animations in real time. Users can see how hard at work on Wall Street as beat the clock big Ben in London, as spinning the famous Ferris wheel in London. Unfortunately, for the Russian cities 3D maps are still not available.

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At the moment, the implementation described above functionality for Apple maps looks like a demonstration of the possibilities. However, there is no doubt that the company has all opportunities to implement the planned in practice.

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