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Apple will abandon Caps Lock on the keyboard to use the keys for emoticons

How often do you use Caps Lock? Most likely extremely rare. This button is needed in order to enable the input mode is capital letters. If I have to do it often in order to highlight a letter or word. Very rarely when you need to uppercase all the text. But for small volumes it is easier to hold down the Shift key.

Apple has registered a patent application, which describes the new keyboard to work on devices without the Caps Lock key. She needs to make viewing, creating, editing and sharing content much easier. First and foremost, Apple is offering to abandon the keys to enter uppercase letters in favor of buttons for symbols Emoji.

For illustration of the patent shows Apple keyboard with a new layout. And among the novelties is not only the key for of emoticons, but also a key to send data to the social network and the button for quick search of information. They are all context-sensitive and perform a slightly different function, such as search, depending on the open program.

Apple has decided that if users have a Shift and they are not abusing the Caps Lock in correspondence, and press this can be eliminated by providing the vacant place of something more useful.

And how you consider, whether the keyboard Caps Lock key?

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