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Apple: we still have a lot to do to improve Apple Music

Despite the rapid growth of music Apple Music service the company does not intend to stop there. In an interview with The Guardian said the Vice-President of the international division of iTunes Oliver Susser.

“There is still a lot of work, we want to make the product even better,” said Susser. According to him, the company is working hard to improve Apple Music – fix bugs and introduce new features.

“We are focused on editorial compilations and playlists, our staff is working on it worldwide. But we also add new features and Polish some existing,” – said a top Manager.

Susser noted that the social network Apple Music Connect is rapidly gaining new members. “Apple Music Connect is growing rapidly: more and more artists get in touch with their fans,” said he, noting that the company was “still a lot of homework”.

To the question about the problems with the loss of user data and complex interface Apple Music, Susser said, “the Product is our top priority and we receive a lot of feedback from users. We must remember that it was a very big run – the service launched simultaneously in 110 markets, so feedback is very much. We strive to make the product better every day.”

Apple’s Vice President confirmed that soon Apple Music service will be available on Android devices, and Sonos-compatible audio systems. This will happen “before the end of autumn”.

In early August, Apple announced that its proprietary music service has attracted more than 11 million subscribers in the first four weeks of launch. “We are pleased with these figures, said Apple Vice President of Internet services eddy cue, adding that about 2 million users have selected the family plan for $14.99 in a month.

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