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Apple: we have no technical possibility to extract and decrypt data on iOS 8 and above

Security system iPhone is so reliable that the police were not able to access the smartphones of suspects. however, Apple could bypass the software protection and extract data from locked gadgets. And even did it at the request of the police in the presence of a search warrant. With the release of the iOS 8 update, the situation has changed.

This week Apple sent to court Brooklyn, new York, the official explanation for the possibility of obtaining access to user data on the iPhone and iPad. In Cupertino said that with the release of iOS 8 the company does not have the technical ability to extract data because of encryption used.

“In most cases now and in the future, the government requests would be significantly burdensome, as their performance is impossible. In the case of devices running iOS 8 and above, Apple isn’t able to fulfill the requests of the government to gain access to protected devices and retrieve user data. Among the security mechanisms in iOS 8 introduces a feature that prevents any user who has no password to access the encrypted data on the device. Including Apple”, – said in a statement.

Apple has made changes to encryption iOS, allowing access to user information only gets the mobile device owner. The company has previously kept the encryption keys that allowed them to unlock the gadgets at the request of law enforcement, but in the case of iOS 8, and iOS 9 this.

According to Apple’s privacy policy the company will not respond to requests from law enforcement for the purpose of obtaining access to user data. We are talking about such password-protected data like photos, call history, e-mails, address book and so on.

Earlier, the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) James Komi criticized Apple new measures taken to protect data iPhone and iPad users. He lamented that the security system in the new operating system iOS 8 has closed access to mobile devices for special services.

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