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Apple Watch will officially appear in Russia not earlier than autumn

On Thursday, Apple called the 7 countries in which 26 June will start selling the Apple Watch. Russia has not got them. According to informed sources, the electronic bracelet will officially appear on the market not earlier than autumn.

From 26 June 2015 the Apple Watch will be available in seven countries — Spain, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan, says the official statement from Apple . Two weeks later, on June 18, the watch will first appear in Apple retail stores in the previously announced nine countries. Up to this point, the Apple Watch was not sold in its own stores of the company — only to try on and order online.

Russia is again not included in the number of countries where you can buy a “smart” gadget. Sources among domestic retailers say that the Apple Watch is unlikely to be released to the Russian market until the autumn. Retailers and distributors did not expect that our country will fall into the second wave. Usually Apple sends to its partners instructions and directions for the month prior to the sales. The company also makes recommendations on the preparation shops – must be special tables where the goods.

There were rumors that the Apple Watch may start selling in Russia in late July, but, apparently, that will not happen, and I quote “Vedomosti” employee of one of the major retailers. Since Apple has more than enough pre-orders in other countries, why do they carry a “smart” watch here – the situation is unclear, the prices of their gadgets are sky-high and falling sales, he says. We’re not just talking about the excess of pre-orders, Apple is already evident shortage of goods in those countries where it was launched first sales: dealers dare “smart” watches from the shelves and now have to buy them for a fortune.

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Retailers unanimously agree that the wait for the start of sales of Apple Watch in Russia before the fall is not: first, now the prices on the Russian market of electronics is too high for buyers, and secondly, the company does not understand how she intended to sell off their watches.

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