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Apple Watch will learn to automatically call the emergency services in emergency situations

The Wearables market is of great interest electronics manufacturers. Among them was the American Apple, which has released a branded smart watch Apple Watch. Device first generation is the starting point for this category of electronics and in the near future will provide users with a number of new capabilities. One of them will be the ability to automatically call the emergency services if the user happened emergency.

It’s no secret that Apple Watch will represent an accurate heart rate monitor. Comparing the sensor readings hours with a professional heart monitor, the engineers came to the conclusion that both devices show almost identical results. With the built-in heart rate monitor, accelerometer and other sensors, the Apple Watch is able to record emergency incidents and respond to them in a certain way. Appropriate application Apple issued in the patent and trademark office.

“Emergency incident may be an accident, a fall, heart attack, aneurysm, loss of a child or patient with a deviation of the psyche, a fall, a robbery, fire or other event in which the user may need the help of doctors, police, families, firefighters, or any other assistance”, — reported in a patent application Apple.

Apple Watch capable every 5 seconds to read heart rate, allow to control the work of the heart. So, if the accelerometer detects the sudden stop of movement, then the user loses the heart rate, the watch will detect that suffered a heart attack and call ambulance.

Even in 2014, sources reported that Apple are working on the possibility of using hours to inform about the approach of a heart attack. This trend, according to rumors, overseen by the Creator of the sound standard THX Tomlinson Holman, who switched to Apple in 2011. He has been working with Apple in the development of technologies to diagnose pre-stroke condition on the sounds produced by blood vessels person.

In the patent Apple describes the methods that will reduce the probability of false alarm function. In some cases the user will need to confirm a critical situation by voice or by touching the screen. Apple Watch can use the GPS module of the iPhone to determine that the user is in the place of occupations in extreme sports, and temporarily disable some signals.

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