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Apple Watch will appear back covers

Apple constantly examines the possibility of introducing Apple Watch new useful features. Some supplements can lead to serious design changes and the emergence of interchangeable rear panels, according to Apple Insider.

The sensors that measure heart rate, battery and other accessories for the Apple Watch should something be attached. Therefore, 17 APR 2018, Apple received a patent for a device that will allow you to add a plate on the back of smart watches and will not interfere with the mounting straps.

A new structural element will not affect the view of the front panel. However, when viewed from the side, the smartwatch will become noticeably thicker. The Apple Watch is held down with a magnet.

The engineers of the Corporation believe that the plate will help to extend the battery life hours because it contains elements of wireless chargers.

The patent application was filed in late February 2015. It is not known when will start production of the device, and whether Apple has similar plans.

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