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Apple Watch: what to expect from the next model?

Apple was not the first manufacturer of “smart” hours, but the Apple Watch was a signal that devices in this category it is time to take seriously, not only as a toy for geeks. California giant was able to meet the challenges of the technical and aesthetic properties that were for companies previously tried their hands in this case.

Acquainted with the Apple Watch first generation, it was safe to assume that the next model will be much better. It just happened. Apple Watch 2 Series is a timely and comprehensive update to fix those flaws, which could encourage potential owners one of the first models to postpone the decision until next year. Dual-core Apple S2 and more capacious battery significantly influenced the responsiveness of the OS interface and battery operation. Sports enthusiasts and active lifestyles pleased with the waterproof case and GPS support.

If you believe the insider information, the current model of the Apple Watch Series 3 will differ, first and foremost, improved display, improved performance and increased operation time. The design of a new modification of “smart” timepiece will be the same as its predecessor. Apple is now working primarily on increasing the autonomy of the wearable computer.

Working time on one charge the Apple Watch 3 should significantly improve. Apple conducted studies show that an average owner of the device completes the day with 30-40% remaining charge, so the replenishment of energy reserves at night time is necessary. With the release of the third model, the battery life of smart watches is expected to reach 3-4 days.

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An important innovation of the Apple Watch Series 3 should be AlwaysOn Display that constantly leaves the screen turned on. Its essence lies in the fact that the display is in a locked state will always display the time. This functionality is already present in Android Wear. It is noteworthy that the Always-On Display could be a feature and present the Apple Watch as a smart watch Apple is equipped with a Super AMOLED display.

Despite the fact that Apple Watch 2 got GPS to track location and movement of the user to use most other functions still need iPhone. According to rumors, the cupertinos are going to equip the Apple Watch Series 3 full cell chip, the device can work fully independently. The ultimate goal of Apple is to split the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series 3 will be equipped with a large number of sensors to track not only physical activity, but the state of his health, seems to determine the level of blood sugar. With increase in time of Autonomous work hours will get a functions of sleep monitoring. Because now users do not have to put the unit on an overnight charge.

Another likely innovation is the FaceTime camera. Despite the fact that this is one of the most anticipated updates, not all see the sense in the appearance of camera for video calls. Not really, Apple has decided to turn smart watches into the gadget based on the science fiction comics with Dick Tracy?

The current remote camera control iPhone with Apple Watch is really useful, but it does not mean that the clock needs its own lens. Other people annoying, when someone calls with a watch, so you can predict their reaction to the presence of small camera in your hand.

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Predictions about the fate of the Apple Watch is changing rapidly: it’s predicted that Apple will reach a new market and will not leave to competitors of chances, but at the same time will create a really powerful industry of smart watches; they began to say that the watch did not meet expectations and Apple and failed to explain why, in principle, this class of devices is needed.

After some time of use, the Apple Watch, we are inclined to something average between these two positions. On the one hand, to speak of the victory prematurely here: it is even seen in the applications, the quality and possibilities of which are far from ideal. On the other hand, the device is very comfortable and pleasant possible, and it could fit into the daily life of the user.

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