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Apple Watch users complain about inaccurate readings of heart rate during intense workouts

Despite the successful sales of the Apple Watch and millions of satisfied users worldwide, the Network increasingly, there are complaints about problems with pulse measurement device. According to some owners hours, in some cases they show inaccurate readings of heart rate.

According to users, sometimes the heart rate monitor is wrong significantly, primerica heart rate up to two times. This happens when active exercise, when the clock register is valid 140-150 beats/min 60-80 only. Forum thread Apple on the issue, has 22 comments and 4,000 views.

The Apple Watch is able to monitor the health of the user by means of a set of sensors. The pulse measurement is made on the basis of photoplethysmography, by analyzing the blood flow. This information and other collected data help Apple Watch to assess the number of calories burned. Unfortunately, this method has several disadvantages. In particular, tattoos can block the passage of light to the sensor, which reduces the probability of obtaining correct results.

According to Apple and the Genius Bar employees, the erroneous result in the measurement of heart rate can be caused by several factors. In particular, when training in cold weather the blood supply to the skin of the wrist may be so small that the heartbeat sensor will not be able to measure it. Another factor affecting the heart rate readings is movement. Rhythmic movements, such as when running or riding a bike, provide more accurate results compared with tennis or Boxing, where the athletes are moving irregularly.

Some users have found a way out of the situation, placing the watch on the forearm. According to them, in this place a heart rate measurement is most accurate.

Apple has not commented on reports of incorrect operation of the sensor of the Apple Watch.

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