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Apple Watch turned to the display and the remote control for camera lens Olympus Air [video]

News for those who are interested in new technologies – and perhaps not only passively interested in, but personally takes a variety of innovative devices. Camera lens Olympus Air has been trained to work in conjunction with a “smart” clock Apple Watch.

Developer Haruhito Fuji has released an app for the wearable gadget Apple. A program called AirRecipe allows you to link the Apple Watch and Olympus Air A01, the watch will operate as a remote display with live picture and serve to control the camera.

Apple Watch can be attached to the back face Olympus Air, thus forming a modular camera with a touch screen, or you can wear them in the usual way, on the wrist, and control the camera at a distance, notes Prophotos.

If the application to use on the iPhone, it offers different “recipes” (recipe), in fact the scene (for example, fireworks, the moon, and so on) that make shooting easier in one touch.

Another developer, Yoshihisa Ogata created an app AirLiveView. It provides a display of the scene on the display of the Apple Watch, while the shutter release Olympus Air A01 user performs manually by a button on the camera itself.

Olympus Air went on sale in February of this year and is available for $299. Mobile apps AirRecipies and AirLiveView is offered as a free download in the Apple online store.

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