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“Apple Watch – toy”: Putin showed the Russian smart bracelet to equip the modern soldier

The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov showed the President of Russia the new development is a special sensor, which is part of combat gear “Ratnik”. It can also be used for civil purposes.

The “warrior” set is called the soldier of the future. It includes a special jumpsuit with electric heating, new armor, different systems of protection and communication. Including the sensor, which allows not only to track the location of a soldier, but also his physical condition. As explained by the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, the device is attached to the body. Data is transferred on the tablet of the unit commander. If a soldier is wounded, the sensor can determine the location of the soldier with the help of the GLONASS system. Sergey Chemezov at a meeting with President Putin proposed to use the development of the Russian experts and in everyday life.

Chemezov: “this thing, we said, what can be used for civilian purposes. In particular, for patients who were released from the hospital, and they are at home. Removed cardiogram, pulse is removed. He even recalls when the patient must take medication – there is signal”.

According to Mr Chemezov, the sensor can be done in hours. Now Apple sells Apple watch that can also measure heart rate. But such a device is rather a toy and its not worth to compare with the development of Rostec, confident in the company.

“Apple Watch is rather a watch with some functions. They measure heart rate, but not very accurate. They and tasks. But I think it is not very different from a generation of sports devices, which consist of hours of sensor that is hung on the body (on the chest), that can measure sleep state, very accurately measure the pulse and to exchange these data with the clock. The watch communicates with the smartphone, the smartphone somewhere all this sends,” – commented the expert Dgl Denis Samsonov.

Counterparts sensor Rostec is the Russian market. They cost a few hundred dollars, said Samsonov: “the Cost to Russia of such a device for athletes that has an independent sensor that measures the heart function starts from 10-12 thousand rubles and goes up to 35 thousand rubles. All this is done in China”.

The new device of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov – has a wider application, and it has more functions. Such a device will certainly help in medicine. Although in order to use it effectively, have to change much, says the Director of the Institute of public health Yuri Krestinsky.

“Computerization is only partly entered into practical health care, so such an innovation as devices remote monitoring of parameters of activity of the patient, just ahead of the technological capabilities of our medicine. It will be strange if, with high-tech gadget, the doctor, taking information from the patient electronically, you will have to manually rewrite it in a paper map”.

“It is not necessary that the use of this device occurred in a health facility. Just to monitor the status of their loved one. It can be a tool to inform not only the doctor, but just close relatives, that at times can be no less important than informing the medical service”.

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