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Apple Watch to pay for itself in a year

Analyst with Global Equities believe that the Apple Watch is a sensible investment because the device will completely pay for themselves during the service. This conclusion was made after a study of the question of the amount of savings by users of new products.

Experts conducted a survey among 250 people, asking how they became rarer to get your iPhone after purchasing the Apple Watch. According to the study, on average, the rate was reduced from 110 to 55 times a day. If the process of extracting iPhone out of your pocket takes 6 seconds, and therefore, a wearable computer saves the person to 330 seconds per day or 33.5 hours per year. If the owner of the device earns $10,5 per hour, that means for 365 days the watch will save about $350. That is how much is the most affordable model of the Apple Watch. Thus, the novelty will completely pay for itself in a year of operation.

In Global Equities believe that “smart” Apple watch have the potential to become one of the most successful products in Apple’s history. Managing Director at Global Equities Research Trip Choudhury informed that today the company was sold for 7 million pre-orders of the Apple Watch, 2.5 million of which have already been delivered to customers. Until the end of the quarter, the company will supply around 5 million units of Apple Watch, which is two times more than analysts had expected earlier. The demand for smart watches, according to the forecast Choudhury, will only grow.

“Every week one owner Apple Watch demonstrates its clock at least 15 people. On average, two of these friends, colleagues or acquaintances will place an order for a similar device,” writes Trip Choudhury.

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According to analysts, smart watch Apple is interested not only ordinary users, but also corporate clients. For example, companies such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce are already developing their apps for Apple Watch that will allow you to track the performance of employees. This means that they will be able to use the Apple Watch at work, not only at home and in training.

When the first iPod went on sale in 2001, the company was able for the first quarter only to sell 125,000 copies. Six years later, when the market appeared first iPhone, then during the first three months it was sold 1,1 million copies, and the original iPad in 2010 for the same period of time has sold 3.3 million copies.

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