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Apple Watch: the tricks and tips in training

To make the Apple Watch really helpful for those who are engaged in fitness, Apple invited a team of developer Jay Blahnik – specialist fitness and health. He took up the post of medical consultant and was able to make a “smart” watch Apple become really useful to your health.

Blahnik became famous due to the fact that within 20 years consulting and individual trainings on the verge of fitness and nutrition. He gave a few comments that show a trend in creating such apps for the Apple Watch at the beginning of 2016.

According to Blahnik, there are two types of fitness programs to health that is designed specifically for Apple Watch: smart motivators and third-party apps for specific workouts. The developers were inspired by graphic rings, which appeared in the standard application “Activity”, and now we are already seeing several great apps with their support that are reminiscent of training at the right time and in the right place. These small innovations, which are configured individually for user, over time, can lead to a radical change in lifestyle.

Blahnik added that now people can obtain information about the extent of its activity, as all data are synchronized with the graphical training rings in the app “Activity”.

Apple Watch: the tricks and tips in training


  • Click on the display of your Apple Watch with an effort while in the app “Activity” to change their goals for the day.
  • Swipe up while sharing the view of the three rings of activity to get more information about calories, number of steps and distance.
  • If you have any discrepancy of data the total time of activity per day in activity during training, simply log into the app “Activity” on your iPhone, click view data for the day and swipe left.
  • Share your achievements from the application of “Activity” on the clock with social networks right from your iPhone, where there is a same program for convenience.
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  • Ask Siri to start the workout when you’re ready. For example, say, “Hey, Siri! 30-minute jog”.
  • Use press with a force on the screen during the workout to complete it or to pause. If you swipe to the left and then scroll down, you can keep or delete the data if you think this result is better not to count.
  • If You prefer to see information on distance, calories and time in numbers and not in the form of rings, need to get your iPhone, go to app Watch and to choose “Training”, to enable the display of data.
  • You can lock the screen in the application”Training” in order to avoid accidental touches that may interrupt the data recording of your exercises. Just push on the screen.

The following are the apps should download on your Apple Watch.


Excellent app for strength training, which can be installed on Apple Watch, to monitor the number of sets, reps and weight. All data is synchronized with the measurement pulse, the application of “Training” and “Activity” on the Apple Watch.

3 MinuteMindfulness

Breathing exercises, which is very convenient to watch from the wrist.


Shows the image is performed asanas, title, time remaining and calories burned – all on the screen of the Apple Watch.


Updated app to support cross-country, interval training that includes learning and synchronized with the application “Training” and “Activity” on the Apple Watch.

7 MinuteWorkout

Seven-minute workout with the help of detailed illustrations and visual timers right on your wrist.

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Interactive coaching on nutrition and workouts using dictation directly on Apple Watch.


Monitor the amount of calories, exercise and keep a food diary, without the use of a smartphone, only with Apple Watch.


An easy way to form healthy habits, using tips that offers Streaks on the screen of the Apple Watch.


Watch how much water I drink per day with handy reminders that are visible on the screen of the Apple Watch.


Lose weight with the simplest and most convenient calorie counter and physical activity.


The app for meditation, which will help to cope with a stressful situation and relax.


Professional app for runners that synchronizes all data with the app to measure heart rate, the application of “Training” and “Activity” on the Apple Watch.

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