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Apple Watch tells the time four times better than iPhone

In its promotional materials, Apple calls the Apple Watch “incredibly accurate timepiece” that shows the time in accordance with the established global standard, not deviating by more than 50 MS. Not to say that the iPhone or Mac with any problems, however, the Apple Watch is always exposed “with impeccable precision.”

In an interview with Mashable, Vice-President of technology, Apple’s Kevin Lynch, who oversaw the creation of the first wearable computer Apple, spoke about previously unknown features of the Apple Watch. According to him, smart watches show time to be four times more accurate than the iPhone.

“On the hardware level Apple Watch iPhone is much better, if we talk about tracking the time,” said Lynch. – Throughout the period of development we paid special attention to accuracy.” Apple tested the accuracy of the chronometer using a high speed camera, frame by frame tracked the path of the seconds hand on the dial to avoid any mistakes. And created its own network of NTP servers for time synchronization.

“First of all, we support a network of time servers around the world, – said a top Manager. Apple Watch data synchronize with NTP servers, of which there are 15. All of them are placed in buildings, on roofs have a GPS antenna, and communicate with satellites in Earth orbit. Get the latest information directly from the naval Observatory, USA.

Lynch noted that the development of the Apple Watch was personally responsible for Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive. “Our goal with “smart” clock – to set people free from phones. And in this sense it’s funny that the first working prototypes of the Apple Watch was a real iPhone that was fastened to the arm using Velcro holders,” recalls Lynch.

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“Smartphones have become too Intrusive, – said a top Manager. But what if you had the ability to change the order of things? What if you could create a device that cannot and should not be used for hours on end and that has filtered all the debris in the flow of information, providing you only the most important? You would change the life of modern man”.

Apple itself has partly created this problem, I’m sure Lynch. But Apple itself has proposed a solution: a small electronic device with a bracelet on your hand.

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