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Apple Watch Series 3 will get a new design and LTE module

Apple is planning to release watches with LTE module in 2017, according to Bloomberg. The cellular module will allow the watch to become more independent from the iPhone.

Cell modules for the Apple Watch will deliver Intel. This is a big win for Intel. The company has long tried to enter into a contract with Apple. The main supplier of cellular modules for Apple products was Qualcomm, but both companies are now embroiled in a legal battle between them.

Comment on Bloomberg news, John Gruber,one of the most respected, apprised and cited Apple bloggers, announced that the watch will get a new form factor.

About the Apple Watch Series 3 little is known. According to rumors, the watch will have OLED display, upgraded processor and improved battery. It is expected that the watch will be presented in September along with iPhone 8.

In a recent report, Tim cook revealed that the Apple Watch sales in the second quarter increased by 50%, but exact figures are still a secret. However, the Apple Watch is still the most popular smart watch in the world.

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