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Apple Watch Series 3 – closer to failure than to victory. 7 the most honest impressions

Unfortunately, a promising accessory not met expectations.

As I wrote in the near future is unlikely Apple will release a Watch in a new design, so you have to buy it, that is.

For the 42 mm version hours third-generation start asking for a total of 27 thousand rubles. It’s tolerable, given that Series 2 of the same size in many stores sold even more expensive (around 27 500 rubles).

With the acquisition of the Watch 3 no problems have arisen – the model is in any company’s store or “gray” shop.

So let’s get straight to the abstract – especially for a day use their accumulated seven.

Warning: Watch Series 3 – my first smart watch. The previous generation came to me for a few minutes/hours, so all of the current insights – very fresh and relevant.

1. Watch incredibly comfortable

I’m one of those people who wear a watch at night, carry them home and wear only on special occasions such as a theater or restaurant.

Moreover, I can’t sleep even in the fitness bracelet – the very same Xiaomi Mi Band 2 annoyed me until, until I ripped it off the wrist.

Thought Watch would be exactly the same, but got used to them really for the moment. The case weighs almost nothing, and the standard strap is so pleasant to the touch, that he just stopped noticing. Even this text I write with the watch on the hand before this ever happened: I don’t like when something rubs against the table.

2. They have the normal screen

When you look at the Watch on the stand in the store, there is a feeling that the screen is sorely grainy – this is most depressing after the iPhone. In fact, the resolution is there and the truth is written on the package, but we usually look at the clock from a distance, where pixels are already not removed from yourself.

The display is bright and contrasting and delicate. The size works for me, although I’d honestly like to see the version of 42 and 46 mm, not 38 and 42. Still 38 millimeters – quite gnosca modification.

3. Have Watch unintuitive menu

I have long been accustomed to use electronics with no instructions, but then had to Google basic things – from changing the dial to the question “Where is support swipe watchOS?”

Frankly speaking, getting used to the interface will definitely take more than one day. Most difficulties I’m having with memorization unsigned icons in them, I poke a purely random, then see what happens.

Another is to accept that the desired option can only be in the Watch app on the iPhone – without this APPA watch very feeble.

4. Watch buggy

This is the saddest paragraph of all my experiences. What I (we all) love Apple equipment? For the fact that Apple, unlike many other companies, clearly working every single claimed function.

Watch it is not so. First, I three times got this same SMS – vibration, sound, displayed in your notifications menu. I chalked it up to a one-time glitch, but then went into a telegram.

Whether Durov curves of the developers, whether Watch – bad gadget, but the first time I got all the dialogues…no letters. Just of the cloud.

Then I perezalil and tried to throw in a voice chat message. It was recorded and even displayed as sent, but my friends didn’t get it. Then I came out of the telegram, came back and found his minute of voice.

Thanks, Apple – you appreciate my efforts.

5. Watch very slow

Technically Watch Series 3 much more powerful their predecessors, but I noticed three dreary details:

1. The first time they tragically long synced with the phone. Right here ten minutes and all this time the Watch was available.

2. The device objectively included long – not less than 2-3 minutes. You can live with, but out of “economy mode” (when shows only clock and all) only through the reboot – immediately get ready sad look at the bull’s eye.

3. History of Facebook Maessenger clock synchronized about three minutes. Then the app took off. Draw your own conclusions.

6. The dial is really important

Presentations Apple I always roll my eyes when Tim cook (or one of his colleagues) with dowolnym face starts to jam about the new dials. “Oh, my God, and made another animation!” – so I thought as long as I did not appeared iPhone.

Now down to business. Perfect dial set there. There are either beautiful or informative. To put a normal image on the background is also strange: so the watch looks very rykowski, and they should be a stylish accessory.

Conclusion: we look forward to the premiere of the Apple. Want more dials. Plus one affair.

7. Sports function – supergood

Here is nothing new: after the failure with the first Apple Watch is equipped with next-generation sensors that foreign journalists and fitness experts called one of the most accurate on the market. The interface is also well adapted for the sport – there I immediately understood where to click to start the training.

Guess Watch with their weightlessness will become for me an indispensable accessory during many different activities.

I’m going to do with them during weight training, and Boxing, and cardio-training equipment. About results I will write a separate post – maybe even compare Watch with professional equipment.

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