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Apple Watch Series 2 vs Samsung Gear S3: design, advantages, disadvantages

The market of “smart” hours updated with new models that have weirder additional features. Manufacturers do not stop even a perceptible drop in sales in the world, according to research firm IDC, compared with last year, the market of “smart” hours fell by 52%. The reviewers of RT within a few weeks of testing the Apple Watch Series 2 and Samsung Gear S3 and came to interesting conclusions.


Apple and Samsung chose a completely different strategy. The Koreans had hoped that the design of the usual hours, which are usually business people who will help safely abandon the classic accessories on hand, and Apple representatives, on the contrary, did everything to a “smart” gadget was not on the clock.

Apple Watch Series 2 compared to the previous generation has not changed in appearance is a smaller 38mm version carefully looks both at women’s and men’s hand. You can not say about the S3 Gear is simulated classic design watch with a screen 46 mm in diameter on female hand looks highly inappropriate. Even if you try to smooth out the awkwardness by selecting the dial with floating fish, the clock will still remind you of the brutal accessory, which for some reason was on a delicate wrist.

Samsung decided to offer the owners of “clever” hours the ability to choose the look like of the huge number of options in store, attracted top designers and tried to offer the classic model, and options for geeks and fans of cartoons. Last, it seems, will look more absurd than the other — in fact the appearance of the dial, of course, can play a big role, but the metamorphosis at some point bored.

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Apple, together with Nike developed a new design of the dial, which just displays the time, activity and weather. Significant difference from the standard dials — inviting button that says “Run today?”, which immediately starts the training mode. Received people (which, obviously, such a model simply do not need) the button is more likely just to bore.

In addition, both companies have traditionally focused on the straps, one of the few pieces that allows you to Express your style. Apple continually improves its collection of nylon, rubber, leather and other straps, and Samsung is allowed the owners of G3 to use straps for any classic models — they can be changed in the usual way.

Features and disadvantages

The second generation Apple Watch is not too different from the “younger” model with the exception of a number of nice enhancements that talking about one’s company realized that the watch can’t replace a smartphone, but it is able to help with some daily chores and to follow the health.

In the second-generation model built in GPS module. It’s definitely not enough, for example, people who like Jogging, but not eager to take the phone. To normal function increased moisture resistance, the brightness of the screen and speed — all of this is really felt in daily life, especially for those who already use Apple Watch is the first generation.

These same advantages are inherent and S3 Gear, but Samsung prefers to focus on design and versatility.

For example, in S3 Gear Samsung draws attention to the use of a rotary bezel (the bezel) that frames the dial and even why it has a minute ticks by analogy with the traditional clock. On the idea of the producers, the bezel is intended to facilitate the control clock, but it lacks the very small — to learn to drive hours to the full, and not just turn a list of functions in the menu.

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Obviously, for “smart” hours at some point it became a very important component of the sport. First of all, it should be noted that it is unlikely that the accessory on hand will help to overcome laziness and finally go to the gym — rather, they can be helpers, to cheer, to remind you about training, but no more.

Apple, for example, proposes to merge your circles activity with friends. The step may seem strange, but it turns out that the joint surveillance of mobility gives rise to the desire to “move” comrade-in-circles.

In Gear S3 also approached the activity thoroughly: a pedometer function and a heart rate measurement is unlikely to surprise someone, so Samsung decided to add as many different variations of exercises. While the Apple Watch is designed to monitor walking and running indoors and outside, Cycling, swimming and exercises on the ellipse, Ergometer and stepper Gear S3 offers separately to follow the lunges, crunches and squats. There is one caveat — for monitoring different types of activity need to switch the mode on the clock.

In addition, Apple Watch Series 2 introduced a feature that allows you to monitor calories burned owners with disabilities.

About the functions, allowing to call or listen to music from a watch, say it makes no sense — even the producers realized how ridiculous looking man talking with his wrist. So, in essence, is “smart” watches were able to win the attention of two functions — notifications and activity monitoring. Proper configuration of the notification allows you to break away from the smartphone and not miss critical messages, and various cheer from the hours while Jogging a bit, but make it easier to exercise.

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