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Apple Watch Series 1 than a Series 2 performance [video]

Apple was not the first manufacturer on the market of “smart” hours, but the release of the Apple Watch over a year ago was a signal that devices in this category it is time to take seriously, not only as a toy for geeks. In September, Apple revealed the second generation of branded watches Apple Watch Series 2 , and also updated the original model, calling it Series 1.

Apple made a very educated decision, abandoning the attempt to fit all the controls on a tiny screen. Instead, many interface functions watchOS controlled by the rotation of the mechanical scroll wheel and a touch screen. In this design, dimensions, body structure and the method of attachment of interchangeable straps also distanced himself from the Apple Watch smart watches that have appeared before.

Apple Watch is the first generation to have left the impression that the technological base in 2015, there was hardly prepared for such a task. Apple did everything they could, having a SiP (System in Package) S1, produced on 28 nm process technology, but in order to fully correct problems with the OS performance and prolong the battery life, obviously had to wait for CPU, made by a more advanced technological norm.

The basis of the Apple Watch Series 2 is a dual-core SiP a next-generation processor Apple S2 and 1 GB of RAM. The Apple Watch Series 1 only comes in the aluminum case, but the company has supplied its dual-core processor Apple SP1, while 512 GB of RAM.

It was possible to assume that the Apple Watch Series 2 is much more promising in performance plans than Series 1, but the tests say otherwise. Videosevennine conducted by 9to5Mac confirms that Apple Watch Series 1 is practically not inferior in performance Series 2. They both are downloaded, open the app and handle queries Siri.

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Recall that Apple Watch Series 2 sold in Russia at a price of 33 900 rubles for a model made of silver aluminum while Series 1 is available from 24 990 rubles.

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