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Apple Watch saved the life of a kitesurfer

The user Apple Watch says that the watch saved his life when he was involved in kitesurfing. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Being a mile from shore, where there are many white sharks — John Zilles could not sail from his kitsurf. Fortunately, he was able to use the cellular capabilities of its Apple Watch Series 3 to call the coast guard.

“I learned to ride in light wind and he’s proud that I’m good at, did not notice how he found himself far from shore. Then I fell and with me in the water submerged my sail, and then I could not get it to fly again.”

After, John decided to swim to shore. This, he said, was easier said than done due to the large amount of equipment he took with him. Sailing, kitesurfer took a look at your Apple Watch to check the time and suddenly remembered that model Series 3 with LTE can make phone calls.

“I was very surprised that I have a good signal, so I called his children and said, “don’t worry, I crashed, but floating near the shore, so I’ll be late.” Then I again called her son and asked him to send me the number of the coast guard.”

He sent the room and Zilles, which has already begun to think about the sharks, managed to call the coast guard and explain to them where it is.

John says he was so impressed with the features of the gadget that I decided to write to Tim cook and tell your story. He received a short response: “Wow. Glad to hear that you’re safe.”

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