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Apple Watch lower on the popularity of the iPod

Analyst at Pacific Crest Andy Hargreaves analyzed the users ‘ interest in the Apple Watch and came to interesting conclusions. It turns out that the electronic bracelet is still inferior to the popularity of iPods.

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The expert analysed the queries of Internet users Google. It turned out that after increased interest in March and the start of sales of Apple Watch in April of this year stir awake. And at the moment, smart watch Apple searching the Internet less frequently than the iPod. I must say that sales last fall the last few years, as the company have not updated the device. After the worldwide developers conference, Apple and even iPod partition was removed from the main menu of the website.

The release of the second generation of the Apple Watch, according to reports, scheduled for 2016. Despite the fact that the first “version” of the device remains in deficit, the company will adhere to an annual update cycle, as in the case of iPhones and iPads.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch, which opened in April. Apple managed to sell all the new items in less than six hours. The “luxury” model of the device, the Apple Watch Edition cost of 10 000 dollars, is completely sold out in just a few minutes.

On 17 June, Apple began selling watches in the retail stores Apple Store.

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