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Apple Watch is not just a new gadget, it is a step into the future

In 2015, Apple has started selling the Apple Watch. Market analysts admire not so much the product itself, but the direction in which is moving the company. Apple Watch open up opportunities for the California giant – the world’s largest Corporation by market value of the business. The transition from Apple “computer company” to “company on production of mobile devices” was not the fina l transformation, and the beginning of a long journey, according to Epochtimes.

Apple started as a company that made computers available to the mass consumer. The company then shifted computing power from the desktop into the pocket of the consumer. Today cupertinos stand on the threshold of a new transformation. When the first iPhone that have become the main product of Apple, the Mac has not disappeared. On the contrary, the new line of Mac just got even better. So do not expect that the iPhone will dissolve in the air. iPhone will remain the main source of income for Apple for years to come. But, as in the case of the Mac, then iPad, iPhone can gradually withdraw to the background, yielding place to new gadgets.

Under the new gadgets it is not only about “smart” watches and other wearable electronics. Today, to connect with people and gain access to an infinite ocean of information on the Internet, just to get out of the pocket smartphone. In the future the Internet will be everywhere.

United world of which men dream ― the tip of the iceberg. The day will come when between the person and the information he is looking for, no barriers. Future gadgets will go beyond the previous opinions and functionality, which still demonstrated a wearable device. In the future watches will look like a Casio watch with a calculator from the 80’s.

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It’s no secret that Google Glass has failed. Why? Not because it was a bad idea. Just today, no sane person would not want to walk the streets with a strange gadget attached to the face.

Apple didn’t become a watchmaker or jeweler. If you believe the rumors, Apple is planning to release the cars. But that doesn’t make the company the automaker. No, Apple’s business is the formation of the near future. The company is moving in the direction that indicates the future. Today is the future took the form of “smart” watches. Apple has decided that creating a wearable device in the form factor of hours will produce income. This approach is correct.

While other companies are chasing the new ideas and flooding the market with ill-conceived products that Apple produces the “correct and finished product”, adapted for the mass market.

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