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Apple Watch have helped the American to diagnose tachycardia

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 saved the life of another American. A resident of North Carolina was able to identify with them elevated heart rate, which was later diagnosed as tachycardia.

Beth Stems is a nurse and often visits his patients at home. During one of his visits she felt bad. The girl felt unusually strong heartbeat. When she decided to check his heartbeat for the Apple Watch, the smart watch showed that her heart is beating at a rate of 177 beats per minute. She Bit felt shortness of breath like you just ran a marathon. Short rest has not helped the girl to catch her breath, so she decided to ask his colleagues to call an ambulance.

Doctors tried for days to understand what was happening with Beth. They also studied and the data from Apple Watch, including heart rate. Later they diagnosed girls supraventricular tachycardia — a specific form of arrhythmia, where there is a violation of the regulation of heart rate.

According to Beth, palpitations bothered her before, but the pulse was always possible to normalize with medication or a short rest.

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