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Apple Watch generated more than 14 000 applications

2015 year was unique in that we witnessed the launch of not one, but two new platforms from Apple watchOS and tvOS. Since that time, among the application developers there is a clear tendency to invest in software for devices that is not classified as mobile.

On the market of portable gadgets for the lion’s share of sales and attention falls on “smart” watches. On closer examination it becomes clear that the boom in this segment has reached a crescendo in April 2015 with the launch of the Apple Watch. Despite the fact that Android Wear devices went on sale in 2014, Apple’s appearance in this niche has dramatically spurred the interest in wearable devices with applications, which is probably inextricably linked to the enthusiasm of developers rubbing their hands with idea of monetizing high-yield base. As a result, the number of applications for Apple Watch has grown from 3,500 in April to over 14,000 in December 2015.

It makes sense to compare the launch of the Apple Watch with the start of sales iPhone and iPad. In April 2010, when the iPad came out, developers have proposed nearly 1 000 applications, and when in July 2008 the world saw the first iPhone, it was prepared only 500 programs.

Application in a specialty store for Apple Watch divided into categories: health & fitness, games, communication, work, travel, family, creativity, business, news, social networks, etc., the Category “Weather” was the most successful: from 10 apps with support for Apple Watch 7 weather apps. Good things with the categories “Shopping”, “news” and “Social networking”.

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But in some categories, like “Games” for none of the top 10 iOS app does not support Apple Watch. This category, however, remains one of the largest on the platform of the Apple Watch, since many of the games that are not included in the top ten, are designed precisely for this device.

Apple Watch to be managed to achieve long-term success and to conquer the mass market, developers in all types of applications, it is necessary to look for innovative ways to use wearable form factors and offer the benefits that current smartphones are not able to provide.

A wide range of applications for a new product — a very important task, without which one cannot expect to have consumer interest. Again, because of the Apple Watch are deprived of the benefits of the iPad, which can run iPhone apps without any modification, preparation of a decent software collection becomes the number one issue.

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