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Apple Watch be even better: Apple is making their watches more interactive

Apple is going to add two new features to the second generation watchOS: independent from iPhone an Internet connection and support for Push notifications. This should make the first wearable accessory for the “Apple” of the company even better.

Apple Watch – a controversial device. On the one hand, the owners practically forget about your iPhone, especially at home: take calls or send messages directly from your wrist.
On the other hand, without iPhone watches cannot.

In watchOS 2 Apple is making their watches a more independent device. This fall, the Apple Watch will get the opportunity to connect to known Wi-Fi networks. This means that you will be able to go Jogging without a phone, but, for example, will be able to see the weather forecast, when will be near accurate access.

This function will work not only with Apple apps. Third-party developers – which will finally be able to create native apps for hours – can also use it to update data, downloading statistics run in real time or alerting the user of a quickly approaching storm.

Third-party applications represent another opportunity for Apple Watch to occupy a significant place in the life of the user. They are designed to quickly provide information; in some cases quite fleeting glance at the watch less than a second.

In many cases, developers can allow their applications to update the API every 5 to 15 minutes, to always have the latest data. Apple wants to organize this information in the form of a timeline, so that the clock could check the data for each application before the display turns on.

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In addition there is another new feature: Push notifications in real time. Although it requires a connection to the iPhone – at least not yet – hours ability to receive Push notifications opens up new opportunities for software developers.

A classic example of a Push notification from Apple – tracking sports results, but we can imagine hundreds of other use cases of this function. The app, in real time displaying environmental data such as air quality, for those living in major cities; using the geolocation application that allows you to ensure that your child is in school; even everyday office application that will tell a conference room, will save you time and energy.

Together these updates can turn the Apple Watch from a gadget in a life partner. What was originally created for fun, now becomes an indispensable thing.

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