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Apple Watch 4: user expectations

Staff publications TechRadar has compiled a list of new features that users would like to see in the Apple Watch 4.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was introduced not so long ago — September 22, 2017. While users appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of a smart watch the third series, Apple continues to develop and is prepared to innovate.

The output of the new generation of “smart” hours will probably take place in late 2018. According to users, it will be good if the new hours will be:

Compatible with Android
Of course, usually Apple devices are compatible only with other gadgets of the company. But support of Android smartphones would increase the number of potential Apple Watch customers.

Apple Watch Series 3 has a good battery. The charge lasts for a few days, especially if you don’t use LTE. The increase in capacity will extend the life of the gadget fourth generation even when operating cellular networks.

More opportunities for fitness.
Innovation will make the job of the heart rate monitor and other sensors more accurate. This will help to increase the effectiveness of training or review the day’s activity.

Improved Siri
More skilled and intelligent voice assistant will make the smart watch is one of the most comfortable gadgets.

Improved performance
Application chipsets, similar to those used in smartphones, will help to raise the productivity of the Apple Watch to a new level.

Round case
Many users don’t like the Apple Watch because of the rectangular shape. More traditional shape of the dial would have done the “smart” watches similar to the classic model. Such a solution could suit the taste of business people. Besides, the round case looks more attractive. And with the development of flexible displays, its appearance will be possible.

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