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Apple Watch 250 000 times more powerful IBM supercomputer 1954 [infographic]

The infographic, compiled by resource Experts Exchange holds an interesting comparison between supercomputers, gaming consoles, smartphones and smart watches.

According to data of “smart” watch Apple Watch, built on the platform of S1, twice as powerful as the iPhone 4, introduced in 2010. However, the performance of wearable computer Apple 250,000 times the computational capacity of IBM 704 – supercomputer the size of a room, created in 1954.

It is known that the Apple Watch uses a processor designed to meet the norms of 28 nm. According to experts, the SiP platform is an electronic bracelet approximately corresponds to performance single-chip system Apple A5.

According to calculations of analysts, the most powerful to date supercomputer – Chinese “Tianhe-2 is capable of performing 33,86 petaflops (floating point operations per second), which is equivalent to 18 400 PlayStation 4. iPhone 4 slightly weaker supercomputer Cray-2 released in the 25 years before his appearance in 1985.

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