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Apple was working on a round version of the Apple Watch

Recently, the network was published another patent from Apple that describes a gadget resembling the Apple Watch, but with a round display.

Many users are dissatisfied with the current form of smart hours Apple. Square dial like something wrong, unusual. Actually, that’s why the network quickly filled requests to develop a round version of the Apple Watch. The classic form was the most common wish among the owners of the gadget and those who are just thinking about buying. Also it is possible that the company lost a considerable audience of aesthetes who made a choice in favor of gadgets Samsung or LG, includes round displays.


It seems that Apple has heard users, and almost immediately after the release, hours. Judging from the data described in a patent application, the engineers of the Corporation was trying to create an Apple Watch with a round screen just 8 months after launch the first generation device.

Nevertheless patent an emphasis is made that this form of display can be used in other product categories. For example, in the headphones and glasses. So, it is quite possible that the watch is only a pretext.

This is not to exclude that Apple, not to lose items or to increase the audience still present the Apple Watch with a round screen. Especially now they have won the patent.

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