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Apple was not allowed in the App Store app for the online broadcast of the world Congress of hackers

Apple refused to publish in the App Store app for live video of the world Congress of hackers (Chaos Communications Congress) carried out the largest hacker community Chaos Computer Club. Why? Because the participants in this conference previously hacked iOS, and Apple doesn’t want to promote this event.

The event is regularly held for over 30 years and annually attracts up to 10,000 participants. Numerous seminars and lectures of the Congress on technical and socio-political aspects. His refusal to Apple argued as follows:

“Apple forbids the creation of certificates issued by any licensed product that would disable, hack or otherwise interfere with security, digital signatures, rights management, or mechanisms for verification and authentication in iOS, software, Apple or any other Apple services”.

Earlier Apple has already played against eight similar events relating to hacking her gadgets, hacking Bluetooth, hacking of medical equipment, bypassing encryption, to bypass the protection in computer games, jailbreak, industrial espionage and creating viruses for applications.

Apple has a complicated relationship with hackers. Co-founder Steve Wozniak has always been on the side of increased security and legal use of technology, supporting the community “white hat”. Although sometimes it was contrary to the views of Steve jobs.

In recent years, Apple plays cat and mouse with the creators of the jailbreak for iOS, regularly publishing his gratitude to the representatives for the discovery of new vulnerabilities.

Despite the refusal of Apple to publish the app in the App Store, live broadcast of the Chaos Communications Congress will be available on the official website of Chaos Computer Club and the YouTube channel. And both these sources will be available on Apple gadgets.

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